About Us

It was the year 1982. Mark Maserow, brimming with the optimism of youth, joins Embroitex, the largest of only two Schiffli embroidery factories in South Africa. To give some perspective, Embroitex did embroidery on a wide variety of fabrics for many of the major fashion clothing manufacturers in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg—clothing manufacturers like Rex Trueform, the Seardel Group, Kingsgate, and Jaff & Co. which were supplying the major South African retailers, including Woolworths, Edgars, The Foschini Group, Pep Manufacturers and so on.
During the 13 years with Embroitex, Mark becomes a director and, for the last four years of his tenure, upon the emigration of the original owner, he takes over the day-to-day running of Embroitex.
For Mark, working with this vast array of manufacturers, proved to be an incredible learning opportunity where the importance of both high quality workmanship as well as consistently demanding deadlines taught him everything about customer service and providing quality that would meet the stringent standards of the top retail chains in South Africa.
It was during these years that Mark developed a rich experience in understanding and working with virtually every type of fabric, from netting and voiles, to georgettes and cotton percales as well as all the embroidery yarns, from rayons, to cottons and spun polyesters.
In 1992, Mark went on to start Embroidery Industries, a multi-head embroidery business that grew to span 2 large factories, employing over 80 people.
In 2003, recognizing that the South African clothing industry had begun to face serious challenges from the importation of Chinese clothing and other home textile products, Mark decided to start Embroico.
The vision for Embroico was to create a company that focused on providing branded clothing and headwear, as well as branded corporate gifts to companies, schools, clubs and NGO’s across South Africa. In addition to the South African market, there is a strong and ever-growing base of clients in Namibia, Mozambique, Zambia, the DRC and Ghana.
Embroico mainly supplies imported clothing which is sold ex stock, so that there are minimal lead times but also provides custom clothing designs depending on the client’s needs.
Embroico has grown year-over-year as clients have come to rely on the quality and service that is part-and-parcel of who we are. One thing that has not changed since the early days in 2003 is the adherence to the founding values and principles which Mark believes in and which have helped shaped the company.
People, Respect, Trust, Quality, Promises, Hard Work.
At Embroico we always remember that on the other side of the email or phone line are People who deserve Respect, people who are placing their Trust in our company. Since we don’t have a storefront, we take Trust very seriously. We know that ordering online can feel risky because you can’t see the product and so we work hard to make sure that the items ordered reflect the Quality we Promise.
We not only want to earn our clients’ trust, we want to exceed expectations. Nothing makes us happier than when we hear from clients how delighted they are with our products and service.
We invite you to give us a call or drop us a line today.

Embroico's Management